Rodent Control Steel Wool Fill Fabric DIY Kit Large

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  • Minimum order:100
  • FOB Price : USD $20.00 / Piece


Product Rodent Control Steel Wool Fill Fabric DIY Kit Large
Material Stainless steel and poly fiber
Weight Ranging from 2000gsm
Size 4\"*10m per roll or as requested
Width 47\"/48\"
Package Roll or Sheet


1. 100% non-toxic and environmentally safe
2. Easy to install due to its flexible, compressible nature, comes in rolls and can be cut to size or shape desired, stuff it in the hole, and you’re done.
3. It is a permanent solution, will not rust or corrode over time, dose not shrink, stain, pull out.
4. Made of sharp durable fibers material which is suitable to die cut to specific shapes and sizes.
5.Most consistent material for exhaust applications with strength in all directions as cross-lapped material going at approximately 90 degree angles to other fibers.
6. Installs under landscaping and allows grass and small plants to grow through, thus being an invisible force against pests.


1. Fill fabric is an exclusion fabric used by professional nuisance control and pest control operators.
2. It is composed of stainless steel and poly fibers. This blend of materials gives it an extra “spring back”, allowing for easier fitting in crevices and the ability to stay in place well. Cut it 2-3 times the size of the opening to make a tight fit.
3. It is highly resilient and is an impenetrable barrier against rodents and pests.
Burrowing animals such as rats, chipmunks, gophers, groundhogs and nutria can dig beneath the ground and ruin landscaping, chew through cables and destroy dikes and levees. Prevent these animals from wreaking havoc beneath the ground, currently protecting many public and private sites including:

Tree pits

Shopping mall landscapes



Sports fields

River and canal banks

Retention ponds

National historic sites

Outdoor amphitheatres

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