Low price plastic and metal cnc machined rapid prototyping

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Low price plastic and metal cnc machined rapid prototyping

Short introduction:

1.Customized prototype


3.Short lead time/fast delivery

4.High quality and precision with competitive price

More Introduction:

Service Range :

1.CNC machined prototypes

2.SLA/SLS rapid prototypes

3.Vacuum casting/Vaccum forming(silicon mould)

4. Polyurethane castings

Product range:

1.Electric appliance: Vacuum sweeper, inkjet, Fan, Ear phone.

2.Toys: Car model, Motorcycle model and so on.

3.Hardware: Faucet, Head shower, bath equipment, Sanitary ware etc.

4.Digital product: Speakers, PDAs, Mobile hard disks ,Learning machines Computer, MP3, MP4, Mobile Phone, Digital Camera etc

5.Transportation: Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts, Instrument board, engine parts, GPS etc

6.Medical treatment devices: Massager, Stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer

7.Telecommunication equipments: Telephone, Fax machine, Printer, Walki-e Talkie and so on;

8.Household item: Televisions, PDP/ VCD/ DVD players, Airconditioners, Cleaners, Soundbox etc.


ABS, PMMA, PC, POM, PE, PA(nylon), PA+GF, PBT, ABS+GF, ABS+PC, Aluminum, Brass,

Copper etc.

Surface treatment:

Blasting, polishing, painting, anodizing, ultraviolet, silk-screen, laser etching, electroplating, water-transfer etc.

We will use professional knowledge, professional attitude and dedication to do the products.

Max Size:

Max SLA machine size : 300x 290x 150 mm

Max CNC machine size : 1500x 680x 120mm

Max 3D printer size : 450x 300x 200 mm

We will use professional knowledge, professional attitude and dedication to do the products.

Quality Control and Warranty:

At DADESIN we have numerous measures in place to ensure our products meet and exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations. We provide a 3 stage quality inspection check;

1.First after the part has been machined it is checked against the drawing specifications,

2.Second before and after the finishing department has painted and polished the part it is inspected,

3.Finally the manager will personally check the products before they are packaged and sent for shipping.

We also can comply with our customers’ file requirements by providing raw material testing/inspection, certificate of material , certificate of origin, CE,SGS etc,

Test Equipment and Facilities:

1.Inspection Scan Tool

2.Scan tool


4.Micro caliper

5.Thread plug gauge

6.Precision color reader

7.Pin gage

8.Height gauge

9.Color assessment cabinet

Thank you for your attention to our products. Hope to establish beneficial trading relations between us.

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