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Cookies Machine Introduction
Cookies machine is a kind of machine which can produce many kinds of unique design snacks and cookies, it is made of stainless steel, clean and health. By changing the mold, the raw material can be squeezed out and molded into different shapes of cookies. Amisy cookies machine is one of the most ideal new type food machinery deeply welcomed by the masses of users and investors of market as present, we have different models for your choices.

Cookies Machine Features
1. Made of stainless steel, clean hygiene, comply with food safety standard
2. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and excellent performance
3. Modern technique, easy operation and multifunction
4. The finished cookies are in unique shape, clear pattern and attractive appearance. the cookies thickness is≥1.5mm
5. It has many molds, can produce various shapes cookies to meet different needs
6. We have four models for you choices, the PQQ-01 model is plc control, and customer can choose the one according to your needs

Cookies Machine application
1. The cookies forming machine is suitable for making cookies, sesame bars, seaweed bread, sesame cakes, egg yolk cakes and so on.
2. It is widely used in tea restaurant, cake room, coffee shop, bakery, western-style food shop, leisure food products factory, etc.

Cookies Machine Market Prospects
Cookies is one of the most popular food around the world, many people like it, whether the young or the old, women or men. Especially, in all kinds of festivals, people will choose cookies as a gift for relatives or friends which represents the mind and respect. In the western countries, cookies are also the indispensable afternoon tea food. What\'s more, in nowadays, the view of eating coarse grains is healthy is very popular among people, so the cookies as one of coarse grains have a big market, how to make cookies? Of course, we need the cookies machine, cookies machine is no doubt has broad market prospect, by using Amisy cookies machine, you can make kinds of cookies in a short time which can bring you big profit.
Warm Tips:
1. Please check the below technical parameters first and choose the one fit for you
2. When we send you machine, we will send 5 sets of different molds for free

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