Bluetooth Low Energy LaunchPad/ Development Kit

  • FOB Price : USD $50.00 / Piece
  • Place of Origin:Taiwan
  • Minimum order:5
EVK-CC2541 (CC2640), BLE LaunchPad/ Development Kit, is an entire development kit for user to design Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) application. It contains a Digimore Bluetooth module BT01-2 using TI Bluetooth low energy controller CC2541. TI CC2541 is a world-leading chip in Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and offers variety of peripherals such as UART, SPI, I2C and Timer.
EVK-CC2541 (CC2640) also embeds a famous FTDI FT232R USB-UART interface chip, a High-PSRR 300mA LDO, Buttons and LEDs. The LaunchPad can let user focus on their project development and verify the project easily and rapidly.

* BT01-2 Bluetooth Module with TI CC2541
- Bluetooth version 4.0 low energy (LE, single mode) compliant
- High-performance and low-power 8051 Microcontroller core with code prefetch
- In-system-programmable flash, 256KB
- 12-Bit ADC with eight channels and configurable resolution
- 21 general purpose I/O
- I2C interface
- Power USARTs with support for several serial protocols
- Module dimension: 14.8 x 10mm


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