Large Press Brake

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There are several kinds of large press brakes, mainly manual press brake, hydraulic press brake, and CNC press brake. While it also has some minor classification in these three types for the aim to fit with different applications. After all, some enterprises have a rather unitary use of press brakes. In this kind of situation, they can have an easier choice. Although the use of press brakes is relatively simple, we should pay attention to some aspects, as well as technical requirements. Bending groove should be selected according to the thickness of the material. Under normal circumstances, more than 8 times the thickness of the material is the best choice. These are the specific requirements of the press brake, of course, they are just the CNC press brake operation requirements. Different types of the press brake, its technical requirements are also different, which is to be noted. How to choose a good bender? First of all, consider what type of production parts, then you should choose a press brake for this kind of components, it is best to be accurate. In this way, we can enhance the technology and monitor costs at the same time. Of course, it also includes the choice of the type of production. When you choose alarge cnc bending machine, for example, you should choose a suitable type according to the thickness of the parts.

Characteristics of Large Bending Machine:

1. Adopting all steel welded structure, with enough strength and rigidity;
2, Hydraulic transmission, the cylinder at both ends of the machine is placed on the slider, drives sliding directly;
3, The slider synchronous mechanism uses torsion axis for synchronization;
4, Adopting mechanical block structure, stable and reliable;
5, Slider stroke can be adjusted at a large extent by mechanism, and at a subtle extent by person, the counter display;
6, Wedge type deflection compensation mechanism ensures higher bending accuracy.


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