Electric Press Brake

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Becapress brake (the servo motor drives the slider directly and no longer applies the hydraulic cylinder) has emerged as the times require. However, the elctrol-hydraulic press brake on the existing technology is complicated and has a single bending Angle. We are committed to providing anelectric benderwith simple operation, high precision and can fold various angles.

The Advantages of Electric Sheet Metal Bending Machine:

1. It adopts the control system to connect with the servo motor, which is more accurate and easier to operate.
2. According to the need for bending Angle, the sliding distance can be controlled by the control system to fold the material plates of various angles.
In order to realize the numerical control of press brake, improve the positioning accuracy and the synchronization precision, overcome the inherent shortcomings of the traditional hydraulic press brake, the electric bender directly driven by the servo motor becomes the mainstream. Only two servo motors are required to control the power of small powerful electric bending machine.When the high power is required to achieve the bending pressure of 1000 KN and above, it is necessary to use multiple servo motors to drive synchronously on a sliding block (rigid body). However, in the actual use of full power full electrical press brake, the position of different motor forces is not synchronized, resulting in the strong coupling of machinery. And mechanical strong coupling will cause the sliding block and other moving parts to twist, and it will increase the wear of the transmission devices such as the screw, and it will reduce the machining accuracy and the life of the machine tool. And it will damage drive element and walking mechanism when it is serious.To prevent this from happening, the driving slider requires a multi-axis synchronous velocity position linkage. Therefore, the research on the position synchronization control system of the multi-axis motor is an indispensable part in the development of high-power electric sheet metal bending machine .


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