Box Press Brake

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Features of Our CNC Box Bending Machine:

1. The special digital control system is installed on the main machine of the press brake.
2. Multi-step programming functions can realize the automatic operation and continuous positioning of multi-step procurement, and automatic and accurate adjustment of the position of rear and sliding blocks.
3. The
cabinet bending machinehas the functions of bending counting, which can display the processing quantity and power failure memory of truncated block and slider position in real time, as well as procedures and parameters.
4. The imported ball screw and linear guide are used for the back plug to ensure the positioning accuracy of the rear plug and improve the machining accuracy of the machine.
5. The work bending knife is a folding box with a simple structure and convenient operation.

The Selection Methods of Box Brake Bending Machine:

The main function of electric cabinet bending machine is to process some steel plates with relatively thin thickness. Then they bend and distort them, which is also a common machine in many industrial productions.
Now the demand of the market is greater than the supply, and the market demand is steadily increasing. How can we select a qualified equipment?
The first step is to have a hard and fast regulation of the system index of the whole machine in order to ensure the accuracy of the requirements. Because anything from a scientific point of view is wrong, we should try our best to avoid the error. For some machining parts, the error is acceptable. Therefore, we should have a general rule of error accuracy when choosing and can be purchased within this rule. It doesn\'t have to be very precise unless the product that you produce has very high precision.
Secondly, it is to choose the machine according to the type of production that you produce. It is better to choose the equipment that is more flexible and to handle the emergency problem, and try to reduce the amount of time you need to prepare for unexpected orders during production. At the same time, you should make a budget for the specifications and sizes of the products you produce, and try to match the products and equipment.


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