Digital Display Press Brake

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The press brake with e10 digital display is a machine tool that can display the feed parameters through the digital tube/display screen, it is usually used for bending work of sheet metal materials.

Supporting System for Digital Display HydraulicPress Brake:

1. Touchscreen numerical control system: with one-way and bi-directional positioning function, digital display hydraulic press brake can effectively eliminate the clearance of screw bars. It has the function of reducing the feeding device and the workpiece, reducing wear and tear, improving the positioning accuracy, and has the function of automatic or manual searching reference point. It has the function of power failure location memory, to protect the parameters, locations, and procedures. It has the function of multi-step processing programming, it can realize multi-step operation, complete multi-step parts processing, and improve production efficiency. An axis servo motor automatically controls the upper and lower stroke adjustment of the slider, and the other servo motor controls the rear block.
2. The hydraulic system is controlled by the plug valve.
3. Low noise internal gear pump with space standard for the hydraulic pump.
4. The whole machine is welded by high-quality steel plate, the welding part is vibrated to eliminate stress, the machine is strong and rigid, and the frame is stable and cannot be deformed for a long time.
5. The main oil cylinder of the machine tool uses the space technology - surface nickel phosphorus treatment, and its hardness can reach up to HRC60. The guide sleeve of relative motion of the piston has its own lubricity of zinc base wear-resisting alloy, which can make the cylinder long in good working condition.
Press brake digital adopts torsion shaft synchronization and mechanical block, which is reliable, economical and accurate.
7. The upper mold is equipped with a winding compensation mechanism.


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