Hiposil X223 High Performance Resin

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Its Case Number:216597-12-5 whichis similar to Kaneka MS polymer and STP E (Silyl-terminated polyether) of Wacker. It is also known asSMP, MSP, STP, MS Polymer, Silane modified polymers, Modified silane polymers, Silane terminated polymers, Silyl modified polyether, Modified silyl polyether, Silyl terminated polyether.

High performance resin, Hiposil X223 is trifunctionarity-terminated groups with special functional groups involved. It has excellent comprehensive properties combining the advantages of silicone and polyurethane polymers.Hiposil X223 is characterized by its environment-friendliness, moisture curing, weather resistance, storage stability , easy processing, as well as Isocyanate and solvent free traits.

Hiposil X223 can be applied to a wide variety of substrates with good adhesion characteristics. It is predominantly used as a reactive binder for elastic MS sealants and adhesives with no health risks from solvents, isocyanates or tin, and therefore meet the requirements of the future. It is usually applied in the scope of building & construction, transportation and general industry.

Besides X223, there are a few series of silane modified polymers which can meet your customerized requirements.


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