Customize carton Box CO2 Laser marking machine for paper/wood/plastic leather

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  • wuxi:China
Mainly used for the traceability management in turnover boxes industries. Laser system connecting to user\'s management system can mark on the cartons,realizing the function of traceability and anti-channel conflict.
The roller line uses metal plate frame structure, sturdy and durable, and can run stably for a long time
Adopting two-unit guide wheel, cartons on random position will automatically move to the edge without manual intervention
Using American SYNRAD CO2 laser source, marking clearly and running stability
ERP system connecting to user can import relevantly client datas automatically and mark on carton surfaces
Technical Parameter
Marking Area 200mm x 200mm
Max. Marking Speed 7000mm/s
Min. Carton Height 15mm
Line Speed 30m/min
Power Supply 220V 10A 50Hz
Laser Power 30W
Power consumption is less than 1500W
Running Temperature 0-40 degrees
Running Humidity 5%-75%
Overall Weight 200KG
Roller Line Dimensions 3460mm x 780mm x 1370mm
Power Box Dimensions 640mm x 550mm x 1710mm
Overall Structure Metal Plate

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