MDJY Series Rice Grading Machine

MDJY Series Rice Grading Machine is in accordance with length difference to separate head rice or broken rice from the milled rice, which is consist of several sieve drums in order to occupy smaller floor space and change sieve drum feasibly. Meanwhile, this grading machine has the feature of flexible modular way for much easier to meet different needs of workshop processes in rice milling production line or grain processing industry.

MDJY Series Rice Length Grading Machine Distinctiveness

1. Muti-functional usage, both separate head rice from broken rice, and otherwise,it’s also feasible.

2. Wide range of rice milling production line, equipped with white rice grader to achieve more precision grading effect.

3. It could be applied for other grain grading, such as red rice, polished round-grained rice,long-shaped rice, fragrant rice and so on.

4. Be used for grading different grains though equipped different sieve drum with different density and hole diameters.

5. You can utilize in different rice milling workshop process to accomplish perfect rice milling combination.

6. Superior quality material fabricate to bring out smaller noise and longest service life.

7. Compact structure, easy to operate and convenient to maintain, various models for your require.

Whirlston Rice Milling Machines

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