Automatic coil Winding Machine for transformers

  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
1.Distance of disc. center from floor: 1210mm.
2.Disc. dia.: Ф560mm.
3.Max. pitch of strand: 600kg , max. torque (8r/m)6000Nm, min. wrest torque(40r/m)
4.Max. load: 650kg.
5.4 kinds of speed range: 0-8, 0-16, 0-20, 0-40r/m.
6.Each speed starts from 0r/m steplessly torque increase and output power change with
frequency increase; main purpose of using Frequency Variable Inveter is to reduce the impact and
decrease the damage.
7.Having count function: max. recordable number of circles 999.
8.Motor power: 3kW, pricker slowdown, heavy double chain, 6 modulus, gear transmission,
capacity of frequency converter: min. 3kW.

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