BUBBLE FISH LAMP LED sensory mood home lighting

  • Place of Origin:China
  • Minimum order:600
  • FOB Price : USD $9.00 / Piece

bubble lamps are the perfect substitute to traditional floor and table lamps, making lighting fun, creative and exciting. The LED light is colour changing to green, pink, blue, yellow and red. It’s the perfect gift for adults and children!

It comes in a modern silver finish base and to five different colours. With an integrated controller for variable light intensity and bubble stream. The colour changing LED lights illuminate and send a variable steady stream of bubbles up the tube, which makes the decorative fish \'swim\' up and down. Perfect for homes, schools, sensory rooms, workplaces, children\'s bedrooms and more.

An amazing night lamp or floor lamp, LED bubble fish lamp stands at 80-120 cm high, make an impressive room the color change of the function. This strange light very suitable for the child\'s room or the main living areas on the personality, and combined with bubble plastic tropical fish and ease the color change to make amazing atmosphere the light of the lamp. Brilliant to promote visual stimulation, vibrant colours, calm and soothing, also makes the sensory lamp LED bubble fish lamp fascinating.Strives for realism the innovation,

The bubble lights will encourage concentration and focus, as well as the \"visual tracking\", this means that it is not only excellent lighting at night before sleeping, be quiet, but it is also for the young and the old children is a mythical development assistance.Holes on the lid and product bubbles design can keep room in the humidity!

bubblers are ready to go - all you need is to do is fill them with water, and plug them into a wall outlet with the included AC adapter.the height of PMMA tube according to customer design.)



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