Titanium Bolt , Titanium Fasteners,Titanium Nut, Titanium Washer,

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1. Introduction
Titanium bolt is by the head and the screw (with external thread of the cylinder) of two parts of fasteners. It needs to cooperate with nut, used for fastening the two parts with hole. Titanium bolt connection is a detachable connection. Titanium washer usually mats between fittings and nut parts.

2. Materials & standards


Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr12

Standard DIN 933, DIN912, DIN931, DIN913, DIN916, DIN7984, DIN6921, DIN7985, DIN963, DIN84, DIN7981
Size M1.6~ M64
Technique CNC Machining
States (M) Annealed
Surface Polishing, Anodizing, Black oxide

3. Classification of Screw

Titanium round head screws

Titanium self-tapping screws

Titanium six screws

Titanium countersunk head screw

Titanium a screw

Titanium lag screw

Titanium double screw

Titanium non-standard screws

Titanium fastening screws

Titanium standard screws

Titanium flat head screws

4. Classification of Nut

Titanium Hexagon Nut with Flange

Titanium wing Nut

Titanium Six angle nut

Titanium self-locking nut

Titanium ring round nut

Titanium knurled nut

Titanium slotted nut

Titanium non-standard nut

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