Single Cable Burning Testing /Cable Vertical Flame Spread Tester

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  • Place of Origin:chongqing
  • power:AC220 V +/- 10V 50Hz;
  • weight:60 KG
  • manual:supplied



Single wire and cable vertical burning tester is themost widely used and low cost of cable fire performance test equipment single wire or cable burning tester meet the national standard GB /T18380.11-2008 / IEC60332-1-1: 2004 requiremen. It is to test cable , flameretardant insulation layer under fire conditions applicable for testing wireand cable in overheating, overcurrent and other non-normal state. It can beused in vertical or fiber optic wire and cable flame spread test, while testunder fire conditions Dettol matter combustion conditions.

International standards:

IEC 60332-1-1,2,3
EN 50086-1-1994
GBT 18380.11,12-2008


1, the touch screen intelligent control system; English user interface;

2, the system automatic ignition, automatic timing, automatic datastorage;

3, the test section and the control section is conbined design in onebox for operation;

4, stainless steel test box, the internal cavity size: height 1200mm,width 300mm, depth of 450mm;

6, a pre-mixed burner, an inner diameter of ¢ 12 ± 0.5mm, length is 100mm. 1KW hybrid standard burner,which provides accurate test fire source;

7, the flame burning applied time and hold time can range from 0 to 99 minutes99 seconds range adjustment. Automatic control of the testing process.

8, import needle vavle precisely adjust the flame height, according tostandards, thef blue flame height is 50mm ~ 60mm, total height 170mm ~ 190mm

9, the gas flow rate is controlled by needle valve

10, equipped with a steeless flame height caliper.


Size 600(W)×450(D)×1250(H)mm
Gas pressure 0.1MPa
Power AC220 V +/- 10V 50HZ;
Weight 60KG
Model GD18380A
Gas purity Propane> 95%; compressed air



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