Cone calorimeter for building material ISO5660

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:chongqing
  • warranty:12months
  • weight:450KG
  • size:1, 800(W) * 900(D) * 2, 650(H)




Cone Calorimeter measures heat release rate(H.R.R), smoke release, ignition time, oxygen consumption, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide generation and mass loss rate when specimen is exposed to resource of conical heater.

International standards:

1. GBT16172
2. ISO 5660
3. ASTM E1354
4. NFPA 264


• Integrated body and 19\" analysis rack
• 17\" touch screen panel type PC for the whole control and automatic testing
• Automatic Spark Igniter to facilitate measurement of ignition time
• Auto Split Shutter automatically opened to transmit radiation to the sample
• Absorber-type glass protection door to facilitate sample observation during test and opening and closing
• UK Servomex\'s Gas Analyzer to exactly measure O2, CO, and CO2 concentrations up to 0.02%
• Port, heated filter, and heated line to measure toxic gases
• MFC(Mass Flow Controller) used for all gas flows, improving accuracy of and automatically controlling flux
• Portable water cooling system without need for waterworks and plumbing when using the Heat Fluxmeter (for ISO 5660)
• UK RS\' Load Cell with improved accuracy to measure mass loss rate
• CC 2006 DAQ(Data Acquisition) Program controllable with the touch screen panel PC


Power 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 30 A
Weight 450KG
Size 1,800(W) × 900(D) × 2,650(H)
utilities Compressed Air, Methane, Nitrogen, Co/CO2 Mixing G
manual supplied
reference standard Gbt16172/ISO5660
warranty 12months
Model GD5660



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