60mesh walnut shell powder for polishing/sandblasting

  • FOB Price : USD $291.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:5
  • Place of Origin:Ningxia, China (Mainland)
石嘴山市金林熔铝氧化铝耐火材料有限公司是一家多元化生产厂房,集研发,生产,销售,服务于一体。Walnut shell filtering material is made of high quality walnut shell, through crushing, polishing, steaming and washing, high temperature treatment, two times screening processing.Walnut shell filtering material with high hardness, wear resistance, good pressure resistance, resistance to pressure of 23.4kgf, stable chemical property, do not dissolve in acid and alkali , excellent absorption sewage interception capability, adsorption rate is 27 - 50%, with good hydrophilicity, oil resistance, etc..石嘴山市金林熔铝氧化铝耐火材料有限公司是一家多元化生产厂房,集研发,生产,销售,服务于一体。

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