Diesel oil made from crude oil working process

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Crude oil is basically the remains of plants and marine life that died millions of years ago. Over time, these fossil remains - hence called \"fossil fuels\" - are buried under the sand and slowly form rocks. Millions of years later, the remains of fossils slowly \"cured\" into black liquids that we think are crude oils. The crude oil then drills through the giant drill bit from the bottom of the sea and drills deep into its trapped area.

Since crude oil is a black viscous material, its use will be very limited if it is not reprocessed. The DoingGroup\'scrude oil refining equipment

So how is refined oil made fromcrude oil refining equipment


1. Pour the crude oil into the reactor and heat the reactor at a high temperature. Distillation heating, commonly referred to as distillation, distills oil and gas residues from the crude oil.

2. The distillate oil and gas enters the condensing system under the action of high and low pressure. After being cooled, it is liquefied into light oil and falls into the oil tank.

3. The light oil obtained is subjected to desulfurization and degreasing, and finally the refined diesel is obtained.

4. Finally remove the asphalt separated after distillation.

It can finally get 80-85% diesel and 15-20% asphalt. They have a very wide range of use values:


1. Diesel oil: Can be used for heavy machinery, generators, boiler heating.

2. Asphalt: It can be used directly for road paving or sent to asphalt plants for refining.

The ability to obtain such a high oil production rate is closely related to the following advantages of the DoingGroup\'scrude oil refining equipment:

1. The reactor adopts a vertical design, which can realize automatic slag discharge, convenient and quick.

2. Double heating system, heating time period, improve equipment operation efficiency.

3. The cooling method is water circulation cooling, water can be recycled, almost no consumption.

4. Semi-continuous equipment, moderate investment, high equipment operation efficiency.

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