100g electric portable rice corn pepper grain coffee pulverizer/grinding machine

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
Brief Introduction of High-Speed Mult-function Grinder
The high-speed multifunction grinder features is adopted latest German technology, with the following features: fine structure, low noise, small size, no vibration, compact appearance and easy operation.It can grind all kinds of corns and grains into fine powder at 50-300 mesh. It is widely used in families, clinic, hospital, pharmacy and institute laboratories.
Use Instruction
1.Open the upper lid (clockwise close and anti-clockwise open)
2.Put the dried stuff into drinding tank
3.Close upper lid tightly
4.Turn off the power,open the buckle lock(open up)and upper lid,put the grinding materials,then close upper lid tightly (just one click)
5.Connect with power,turn switch
6.While the working sound smooth,show the material have been grinded completely,the timer will work automatically
7.For safety purpose.CANNOT take grinded power put until power turned off and stop operating machine.

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