• Minimum order:1
Material: Q235,Q345
Size: 150*150*10, 150*150*8, 140*140*10, 140*1
Application: As an important part of the bolt support system, the bolt pallet has a direct effect on the supporting effect of the bolt. Tray is the role of the lock nut tightening torque generated by the thrust is transmitted to help, at the beginning of the anchor force, at the same time, the pressure of the roadway roof will help to anchor, working resistance, common reinforcement of surrounding rock, prevent displacement of the roadway roof to help. So when choosing a tray, the first is to satisfy the match of the bolt and the bolt body on the strength, to avoid the bolt hole caused by the insufficient strength of the bolt tray. The second is to satisfy the bolt and anchor rod on the supporting structure of the match, avoid the anchor rod body with the tray on the supporting structure caused by the mismatch anchor rod body and the nut uneven, influence of roadway supporting effect.
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