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before delivery, I wipe the tables and chairs are the wife said, "tomorrow to delivery, so the library is also much lavish point!" Wife Dayan said: "should have sent the are how long! "Having toward the kitchen. I walked into the library, playing a computer. 9-year-old son quietly came and said to me: "? Dad, where are you going delivery tomorrow," I replied, "far right", "far more than three years on the road in the morning to" go to Tianjin Tanggu. "? , early in the afternoon on the back. "son listened thoughtfully to go out. While, the son of a bag of bread came in, I looked at him and gently put bread on the computer table, "Dad, get up early tomorrow, what you eat this bag of bread to eat it! Floss bread, very good to eat. "My son has been greedy, a week has chicken is not small. Evening finished work on the tummy looked in the window downstairs, waiting for her mother to come back to work, and then ran downstairs to haunt his mother went to the supermarket not far from snacks to eat.

TH Non Woven Bags Manufacturer

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