Long screws - Excellent Tough Materials Fasteners

Long Screws - Ideal for Fastening Tough Materials to Frames

/Four grey phosphate long chipboard screws.

Grey phosphate long chipboard screws.

Long screws are not certain kind of screw. They are different kinds of screws that are longer than 70 mm. They can be chipboard screws, drywall screws, self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, concrete screws, etc. They are often specially designed for professional industries using to fasten hard or soft woods, chipboard and other tough materials to different kinds of frames.

We can manufacture long screws of different sizes and finishes. These are some of our products in the following pictures.

/A black phosphate long drywall screw.

A long drywall screw.

/Yellow zinc coated long concrete screws.

Long concrete screws with yellow zinc coating.

/Two white zinc coated long self-tapping screws.

White zinc coated long self-tapping screws.

/Ten blue zinc coated long self-drilling screws.

Blue zinc coated long self-drilling screws.

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