Screw Nails - fastener for Hardwoods and dense materials

crews Nails - Requirements in Pallet Construction

Screw nails or screw shank nails are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. They are generally used in hardwoods or dense materials. They form their own thread in the wood fibers, which increase driving power in hardwoods. Usually, these nails are not used on softwood, because they will sometimes split the material. They have the following features.


  • Specially designed screw shank for greater holding power in hardwoods.
  • Blunt points minimize the damage of the material.
  • Commonly with corrosion coating, provides strong rust-proof.
  • Hot dipped galvanized for perfect weather resistance.
  • Easy to remove if necessary.
  • The screw nails can be collated for the screw gun use, which speeds up the installation.
  • Long service life.
/Six grey phosphate screw nails.

Grey phosphate screw nails.

/Grey phosphate screw nails are collated for screw gun use.

The collated screw nails can be used in screw gun, which speed up the installation.


  • Materials: carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • Diameter: 1.5 mm to 6 mm.
  • Length: 19 mm to 150 mm.
  • Head Type: flat head and half round head.
  • Head Diameter: 2 mm to 12 mm.
  • Surface Treatment: white/yellow zinc coated, hot dipped galvanized, black oxide, black/grey phosphate, brass plated.
  • Packing: 1kg per box, 25 boxes per cartons, 48 cartons per pallet, or as the customer's request.
  • Customer's design and requirement are welcome.
/Four white zinc coated screw nails with flat head.

White zinc coated flat head screw nails.

/Nine yellow zinc coated screw nails with half round head.

Yellow zinc coated half round head screw nails.

The screw nails have a screw shank. The screw shank provides greater holding strength in the hardwood, which prevents the wood from splitting while the nail is being driven. The screw nails are mainly used for building material, wooden furniture, decoration filed and so on. They are perfect for flooring, pallets, crating, boxing, siding and general carpentry work.

Installation Steps

  1. Choose the appropriate size of screw nails.
  2. Mark off where the nails are. Make sure the nails are no less 6.5 mm to the edge of the wood board.
  3. Adjust the screw gun for the proper depth, and put the collated screw nails on it.
  4. Hold the hardwood boards tightly, and use the screw gun to screw the screws into the boards.

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