hot rebar rolling mill production line

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  • Place of Origin:China

SINOM GROUP CO., LTD. has the capacity of designing and supplying various bar production lines from construction material to alloy steel, and realizing full localization of bar production line. Its plant design, process layout and equipment design are in leading position and has advantages in hot charging, rotary flying shear, high rigidity short stress

path rolling mill, vertical sectional combined reducer, splitting rolling, water

cooling, walking beam cooling bed, bar counting and separation system and

automatic bundler, the bar production line designed has the characteristics of

good product quality, high automation level and easy and simple operation and maintenance. SINOM GROUP CO., LTD. multi-strand slit rolling technology is a

combination of a special roll pass design and guide equipment to shape and

longitudinally separate the incoming billet into 2, 3, 4 individual strands. These

are then rolled together (as one bar) down to the finished size in the finishing

mill stands, simultaneously cut into multiple lengths and fed together onto the

cooling bed through the entry roller table at maximum speeds of up to 20 m/s

for two-strand slitting and 15 m/s for three or four-strand slitting.


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