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practice tool. This course is designed to help project managers to "PMBOK Guide" (5th edition) in the form of knowledge into a document to achieve the landing of project management knowledge. And focus on the concept or describe the use of project management techniques Course Review project management, we provide good practice is to apply to the project in an easy way. Since one of the factors relating to the definition of the project is that they are unique, so the project manager must amend the relevant forms and reports to meet their needs of each project. Some projects need all the content included in the book form, some projects may not need that much. This course provides a complete electronic version of the form and the corresponding, so that they can easily be applied to all types of projects. This course is entirely application-oriented practice, aimed at solving practical problems arise in the enterprise project management practices to help project managers to grasp the core of successful project management tools. Course features two modes of teaching: theory to explain the actual cases + + + case studies highlight the interactive Q & A "theory" feature, focusing on knowledge and understanding, case studies and practical

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