Spindle drive Delta VFD055E43A VFD037E43A VFD037E23A VFD055E43A

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Spindle DriveDelta VFD for Sale

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Delta is a famous brand of spindle drive (variable frequency drive). As a main electronic component ofcnc router machine, Delta inverter is used to control the rotating speed (RPM) ofcnc router electric spindle motor.

Want to learn how to do parameter settings for Delta inverter? Please clickDelta inverter parameter setting tutorials

Full Set Delta spindle drive is consisted by:

Delta Variable Frequency Drive Inverter 1PC

Parameter Manual 1PC


Inspection card 1PC

Delta Spindle Drive Models We Supplied:

Applicable Motor Capacity 1.5KW: VFD015E21A, VFD015E23A/43A, VFD015E23C43C, VFD015E23T43T, VFD015E23P/43P, VFD015E21C

Applicable Motor Capacity 2.2KW: VFD022E21A/23A/43A, VFD022E21C/23C/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 3.7KW: VFD037E23A/43A, VFD037E23C/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 5.5KW: VFD055E23A/43A, VFD055E23C/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 7.5KW: VFD075E23A/43A, VFD075E23C/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 11KW: VFD110E23A/23C, VFD110E43A/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 15KW: VFD150E23A/23C, VFD150E43A/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 18.5KW: VFD185E43A/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 22KW: VFD220E43A/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 200W: VFD002E11A/21A/23A, VFD002E11C/21C/23C, VFD002E11T/21T/23T, VFD002E11P/21P/23P

Applicable Motor Capacity 400W: VFD004E11A/21A/23A/43A, VFD004E11C/21C/23C/43C, VFD004E11T/21T/23T/43T, VFD004E11P/21P/23P/43P

Applicable Motor Capacity 700W: VFD007E11A, VFD007E21A/23A/43A, VFD007E11C, VFD007E21C/23C/43C, VFD007E21T/23T/43T, VFD007E21P/23P/43P

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