Industrial 320×320mm explosion proof led gas station light/ lamp supplier

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  • Place of Origin:China
Classic industrial design with no dust accumulation on the surface.
Unique fin heat dissipation design ensures fast heat release.
PHILPS high brightness and high color SMD LED light source, LM80 certification, luminescence efficiency above 130lm/W, life longer than 35000 hours, maximum junction temperature of 120 degrees; patch type full sky star cloth, heat conduction area is greater, heat conduction faster.
The Inventronics constant current driver has a power factor of more than 0.98, a power efficiency of more than 92%, up to 10KV lightning protection, overvoltage protection, and short-circuit protection. Ensure the life of the whole lamp for more than 5 years.
Honeywell professional heat conduction paste, high reliability, ensure LED reliable work. Wan Ke patented terminals ensure reliable electrical connection.
High density die casting national standard aluminum integrated body radiator, surface spray treatment, strong heat radiation, good weather resistance.
High gloss toughened glass, transmittance of more than 96%, luminaire efficiency of more than 90%.
The lens has a unique patent design, and its luminous efficiency is up to 85%. The system\'s luminous efficiency is as high as 100lm/W.

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