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then some "performance" gainers can not do (first buy good grasp, not to chase short-term). Example: FAW Car (000800), Jiaozuo Wanfang (000612), Ultrapower (300002), Wright (002,076) and other stocks are affected by earnings growth stimulation to "limitless" way limit, then fell sharply. Third, the sharp rise in short-term, which is technically significant pressure level, the main bargaining chip loose disks appear invisible to lighten stocks do not do. I'll pass stocks and stocks, the market and individual stocks two comparison chart, for example, my friends see: 0 && image.height> 0) {if (image.width> = 700) {this.width = 700; this.height = image.height * 700/image.width;}} "HEIGHT =" 577 "src =" photo22.hexun/p/2014/0329/522699/b_vip_305EED06543C0462FA899E5882AFE0A2.jpg "WIDTH =" 690 "ALT =" see through main lighten the Top Secret method goods "TITLE =" top secret method to see through the ship's main lighten up "/> (Figure 1) Figure 1 is a comparison of individual stocks and stock chart, we can see from the chart, stocks a" right of the purple circle "of the the location is a former high near (short-term surge in the left position after), but the "down side" before the impact of high-

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