355nm 3W/5W/8W/10W UV Laser Marking Machine with Best Quality

  • FOB Price : USD $15,236.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Power Supply:90-260V/50Hz-60Hz
  • Repeating Accuracy:±0.003
  • Marking Depth:<0.3
  • Operating System:Windows 7
  • Min Line Width:0.005mm
  • Laser Source:Max, Ipg
  • Marking Scope:110*110mm(Standard)
  • Min Character:0.15mm
  • Control System:Bjjcz/Ezcad
  • Warranty:2 Years
Technical Parameters:

Model BK-ZW3W/5W/8W/10W
Power 3W/5W/8W
Laser wavelength 355nm
Beam quality M2 <1.1
Laser output power 0~100% (continuous and adjustable)
Laser output frequency 5KHz~80KHz (continuous and adjustable)
Power stability(8h) <�±1%rms
Pulse width 10-50ns
Spot diameter <0.01mm
Tag type Dynamic tag / static tag
Marking speed 800 standard characters per second
Min line width ≤0.005mm
Min character 0.15mm
Repeat accuracy ±0.003mm
Production pass rate 99.9%
Operate system WindowsXP
Cooling method Air-cooled
Operating ambient temperature 15ºC~35ºC
Power supply 220V/single-phase/50Hz/<800W
Laser module life 20000 hours

1. High beam quality, and the spot is very small, can achieve ultra-fine marking;
2. Almost perfect marking quality: 355nm output wavelength to reduce the thermal impact on the
workpiece; galvanometer high-precision marking head, marking the effect of fine and repeatable;
high-precision fine spot to ensure the perfect marking results; marking the process of non-contact,
marking effect is permanent;
3. UV laser marking machine for a large range;
4. Heat affected area is very small, there will be no thermal effect, the material is not deformed not
5. Marked fast, high efficiency;
6. Machine performance is stable, small size, low power consumption;
7. More suitable for the heat radiation reaction of large materials processing; with the production
line with, automatic loading and unloading, automatic access to materials; suitable for the vast
majority of metal and non-metallic materials on the marking;
8. Flexible and convenient operating system: the operation process is humanized, Equipment
operation is stable;
9. Dedicated control software is compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and other
software output;
10. Can support the PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPG and other file formats, you can directly use the TTF
font; CCD automatically identify and position the track (Figure), can be used to automatically
identify the track, graphics, bar code, two-dimensional code, serial number and other automatic
scheduling and modification.

Pre-sales service
a.Inquiring and consulting support
b.Sample testing support
c.Visiting our factory
After-sales services
a.2year guarantee period for product quality
b.Free training for machines installation and operation
c.Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply


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