Micro Capillary Tube

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Micro Capillary Tube – Round, Square & D-Type

Micro capillary tubes, also called precision glass tube, fiber optic capillary tubes, are made of borosilicate glass with a cavity inserted whose accuracy is ±0.005 mm. Borosilicate glass is a special kind of glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability. So borosilicate glass capillary tubes are widely used in optical communication industry as packaging materials of collimator, pigtail, DWDM and other optical passive device.

Precision glass tubes can be divided into three types according to outer shape:

  • Round type.
  • Square type.
  • D-type.

Fiber optic capillary tubes can be mainly divided into three types according to the quantity of inserted cavity:

  • Single mode.
  • Dual mode.
  • Multiple mode.

Detailed specification:
Material:borosilicate glass.
Minimum inner diameter:0.02 mm.
Accuracy:±0.005 mm.
Shape:Square, round, d-type or customized.
Customized sizes or according to your drawings and samples.


  • Uniform material without bubbles or cracks.
  • Using laser cutting process, no cracks on incision, and work for 2,000 hours at high temperature and high humidity.
  • Smooth hole wall and easy cleaning.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • High temperature, high humidity and high pressure resistance.
  • High accuracy.


The micro capillary tubes can be widely used in optical communication industry, such as:

  • PLC input pigtail.
  • Optical fiber collimator.
  • DWDM port.

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