Fully Automatic Gold Plated Contact Wire Terminal Crimping Machine

  • FOB Price : USD $99,999.00 / Piece
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Minimum order:1

Fully Automatic Gold Plated Contact Wire Terminal Crimping Machine

Equipped with reliable high-precision technology, CM-D01 uses a compact module design, the highest speed of processing can be up to 5000pcs per hour, a variety of configuration options can be directly processed wire harness from AWG18 to AWG28, use the optimal combination of components to ensure excellent productivity.



Compact modular design, greatly reducing the machine footprint.

High-end and high-precision components ensure reliable quality.

Easy operation can be realized through touch screen and iconized KINCO software.

Can be a one-time rapid completion of wire cutting, wire stripping, lug crimping, wire twisting.

Speed, high output, a greater limit for the enterprise to save labor.


Product Type: CM-D01

Name: Gold Plated Contact Wire Lug Crimping Machine

Product Features: Double-ends wire cutting, stripping, one end crimping, the other twisting, can be full stripped and half stripped.

Appearance size: 700 long X600 wide X1500 high (MM)

Machine weight: 213KG (including wooden box package)

Display: digital LCD touch screen

Run mode: automatic operation + manual operation

Adjust the knife way: electric knife

Tool material: Sweden ASP60 powder high speed steel

Pneumatic accessories: Original Asia off

Screw Guide: Taiwan’s original silver

Cutting line length: 20mm-999999mm

Cutting line tolerance: change range 0.01mm + cut length x0.2% or less

Stripping length: 0.00MM-12.00MM

Suitable wire: AWG18-AWG28

Cutting line speed: about 7600 / hour

Processing capacity: about 4200 / hour

Terminal pressure: Standard 2.0T, other crimp force need to order

Air pressure: 5KG (requires stable and dry air)

Configuration Power: AC220V

Rated power: 0.75KW

Detection device: 1. Lug detection; 2. Wire detection; 3. Crimp detection; 4. Air pressure detection

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