MR-CHV-130A High-precision MC compact Mechanical/Hydraulic Vise/Angle Vise

  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
  • Minimum order:1
Product Description

1 MC double force turbocharged vise, suitable for vertical, horizontal integrated cutting machine FMS system to do heavy cutting.

2. Clamping light, efficient and labor-saving, can reduce the labor strength of the staff.

The 3. tiger mouth adopts the lower pressure structure of the semicircle ball angle, which can eliminate the floatation of the tiger\'s mouth plate and the inclination of the workpiece.

4. A high tensile strength spheroidal graphitized cast iron (FCD60~60kgs/mm) is used in the body of the vise. (80000psi) strong resistance to tension and not easy to deform.

5. Seal and other key parts are all famous brand products of German oil.

Model: MR-CHV-130A
Drive Mode Manual
Metial Spheroidal graphite cast iron
Hardness HRC 52-60
Parallelism Whthin 0.003mm/100mm
Squareness Within 0.005mm/100mm
Precision 0.008mm
Machine Type Grinding Machine
Package Canton

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