CNC deep hole drilling machine

  • Minimum order:1

processing method:Gun-drill method (outside chip removing)
cnc system:: FANUC 0I TF(5)andIts supporting servo drive (Europe UNPROFORone year)

drill stem: rotary and feed, frequency speed adjustment
drill stem beam: cnc lateral and vertical moving
workpiece: fixed on the bench
guide sleeve: axial fixed and hydraulic driven
clamping: axial part is mounted on the bench through tooling; box type or plate shaped part canbe directly mounted on the bench and manually clamped by pressure plate.

main parameter

drilling ability

drilling diameter range:φ5~φ15mm
max. drilling depth:300mm

Number of main spindle: four

Spindle spacing: 140mm

Workpiece Clamping length range: 80~250mm (automatic loading and unloading)

Workpiece Clamping diameter range: ≤50mm(automatic loading and unloading)

drilling speed

Maximum work speed :5000 r/min

Work speed:145r/min

Feed force:0~500 ㎜/min

Fast forward speed:≤2000 ㎜/min

drilling accuracy

Drilling skewness:≤0.5/1000 Processing hole depth

Drilling accuracy

Drilling roughness:Ra0.8~Ra6.3

machine power

Motor Power of drill pipe: 5.5*2 KW Variable-frequency drive

Motor Power of oil pump: 7.5*2 KW Variable-frequency drive

Motor Power of Cooling machine4 KW

Feed motor torque:7Nm

hydraulic system

Maximum flow160 L/Min

Maximum pressure 10 MPa

Filtration accuracy20 um

Oil reserve1360 L

basic dimension & weight
Floor space ( Length x Width x Height) 4200*3500*1800 mm


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