vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel for cast iron and metal in foundry

  • FOB Price : USD $100.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:china

Introduction:Our vacuum brazed diamond wheels are used on hand held grinder and used for grinding, weld cleanup, stock removal and beveling in a wide variety of industry include foundry, metal processing (weld removal and pipe beveling of all ferrous and non ferrous metals) ,auto parts, ship building , stone , ceramic, plastic processing ,and composite materials ,etc



Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel for grinding cast iron ,alloy steels , grey iron , hard composite materials and metal profile in foundry industry.

Advantages of vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel:

* high efficiency. the efficiency is improved by 30% for grinding cast steel surface,compare to conventional resin bond wheel

* long life time. Up to 20 times longer life time than Resin Bond Tools

* single layer of fully exposed diamond fused with nickel at high temperatures and sharp cutting

* never need dressing

Model D (mm) H (mm) T (mm)
vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel 100 22.23 1.5 - 3
125 22.23 1.5 - 3
150 22.23 1.5 - 3
180 22.23 1.5 - 3
grain size: rough 25/30, 30/35, 35/40, finish 50/60

Others size and grit can be customized according to customers\' requirement.

Specifications of vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel:


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