Pocket spring assembling machine

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  • Place of Origin:China
Pocket Spring Assembling Machine

Productivity 7rows/s
Glue Box USA Noordson/ Spain Merlot/ Robatect
Glue Spray Spot spray or continuous spray
Girder Servo drive
Demand of Gas Supply 0.25m³ /min
Working Pressure 0.5-0.6 mpa
Spring Placement Metthod Manual placement
Total Power 7KW
Input Voltage 3AC380V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Weight 2600 KG
Adhesive bed nets width Maximum width of 2200
Width of Non-Woven Fabric 2300mm
Thickness of non-woven fabric 50-100g/ m²
Spring height 60-300mm
Size Lenght 3.8m, Width 1.8m, Height 2m

Pocket spring assembly machine
1.The servo conveying mattress, size precision;
2.Mattress adjustment is convenient, simply enter mattress width,
row number system automatic calculation of transportation distance, convenient and quick;
3The function of the automatic diameter cutting back, to save more time;
4.The CNC platform lifting for saving time and saving power;
5.Built-in sofa package function, improve utilization;
6.An optional task model, more humanized;
7.The induction of the screen of light, more safety.

Service advantages:our company holds regular skill trainnings for the operators from the client companies.

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