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Product Description

HY-F663 is a RTV-2 liquid silicone rubber, general called two-component room temperature vulcanization silicone, part A is silicone rubber, part B is catalyst / curing agent. Foam silicone is platinum cure silicone / addition cure silicone, a kind of environmentally friendly material which is totally non-toxic ,tasteless, safety and health, food grade.


HY-F663 Foaming Liquid Silicone Rubber,which is widely used as a filling material for Mannequin,Streetlight Filling,seat cushion, silicone clone human, polyurethane furniture, sheet material and other rubber products.since silicone rubber foam is very lightweight, very soft and has good cushioning effect.

Foaming silicone is very suitble to fill in sofa for its good resilience, high stability ETC

Model Viscosity




bubbling times Operating




HY-F663 8000±3000 0-15 3±0.5 3-10 60-120

Note: Above technical datasheet doesn’t include all of our products, and it’s not the fixed data, they can be adjustable according to customer’s requirement.


- FDA certified, medical grade, totally nontoxic, odorless, harmless, and eco-friendly
- Wide hardness from 0-15 shore A.
- Wide bubbling times
- High temperature resistance
- Good flexibility, permeability and insulativity
- No oily problem

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Shelf life

Twelve(12) months when stored under dry and cool place by original package under 25℃

This kind of product is non-dangerous product, which could be transported as general chemicals./

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