20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine--Laisai

  • FOB Price : USD $10,000.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China
LS-F serial fiber laser marking/coding machine has adopted the most advanced laser technology in the world, by using a fiber laser output the power to achieve marking function through high-speed galvanometer scanning system. with a 20% high elector-optic conversion rate, it is energy-saving,compact, high beam quality, free maintenance, free adjustment, high-performance,It widely applied to the marking of plastic key, charger and light transmission key. Especially for the area require a deepness, fineness and smoothness marking. such as watch industry, mold industry and bitmap marking industry.


1)High Marking Precision
2)Free Maintenance, easy to operation
3)Excellent Laser beam quality
4)Long life,laser generator life over 100,000 hours
5)Humanized design,convenient installation
6)Low power consumption,stability laser output
7)High electronic conversion efficiency
8)Import high speed galvo scanner system
9)FDA Certificate, No Laser Additives added
10)Desktop/ flying, CO2/ Fiber/ UV,Chinese/imported Laser optional

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