pipe and sheet metal cnc plasma cutter

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pipe and sheet metal cnc plasma cutter

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Brief:EagleTec pipe and sheet metal cnc plasma cutter EA-PL1530ST is apopularcnc tube cutting machine model for users. As atwo-functionmachine, it can cutpipeas well assheetmetal materials. You can see from the picture, there is a rotary axis on right side of the plasma cutter machine. This rotary is the rotating pipe cutter. With5x10plasma table, it can cut sheet metal which is1500x3000mmsize max. In the aspect of plasma power, theHypertherm 65ampfrom USA is adopted to ensure the smoothness and verticality of the cut. Suggested Max. cut thickness for Hypertherm 65apm is10mm.Please noteit is not the limit, just a proper value we suggested. CNC controller for plasma is adopted Starfire with torch height controller (T.H.C)

Applicable Field:The cnc tube cutter machine EA-PL1530ST is widely used in manufacture of lamps, petroleum, chemical, machinery, pressure vessels, aerospace, etc.

Application:plasma tube cutter can cutletters, signs, holes or shapesonsheet metallike carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum etc; also can cut offround pipe, or cut various shapes on the tubes.

EagleTec CNC Plasma Cutting MachineSpecification

EagleTec pipe and sheet metal cnc plasma cutter is especially suitable for automatic cutting of

Hypertherm 65amp plasma power cut with excellent smoothness and verticality.

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