Liquid Silicone Compound for PCB Insulating

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Liquid Silicone Compound for PCB Insulating

Product Description


HY-9325 RTV-2 Silicone Potting is a newly insulating material silicon of silicon compounds.
It cures with no heat, no corrosion and little shrinkage. It can be applied to the sealing and pouring of various electronic components, and then forming insulation system.


HY-9325 is suitable for bonded seal of electronic components, power module and control module, which requires waterproof and insulation. It can be broadly used for LED screen, Wind Power Generator, PCB substrate, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model Color Viscosity









Time(hr, 25℃)

HY-9325 Water clear 500±100 25±3 1:1 30~60 4~5
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1, Pls put part A and part B in separate container and stir evenly before mixing the two part together.

2, Weight Ratio: part A: part B =1:1

3, Deaeration the mixture under 0.08 MPa for 3 minutes.

4, The temperature influences the curing time: When in too low temperature, we suggest customers appropriately heat the mixture to accelerate vulcanization.

Warm tips :

1.The following material may hinder the curing of the product, So pls apply after summary experiment. When necessary, pls clean the application areas.

Condensation silicone which not completely cured or organic tin compounds

Sulphur, sulfide and sulfur rubber materials.

Amine compounds as well as contains the amine materials.

Pewters solder flux.
2. Should be sealed storage.The mixture should be used up at once, avoid causing waste.

3. Silicone belongs to non-dangerous goods, but keep away from mouth and eyes.

4. When it gets stratified after a period of storage, Please mix 9301 evenly before using, it does not affect the performance.

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Packaging & Shipping

Shelf life

Twelve(12) months when stored under dry and cool place by original package under 25℃

This kind of product is non-dangerous product, which could be transported as general chemicals./

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