Living building use fire alarm system addressable fire alarm control panel

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FW6000 Fire Alarm Control Panel


FW6000 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) is the new-generation fire alarm control unit designed by our company for applications in small and medium projects. It is wall-mounted type and has the advantages of powerful function, high reliability and flexible configuration. The panel is equipped with a LCD monitor to display all the information on fire alarms, faults and various operations, which can be printed out by the built-in printer. FW6000 is a one-loop control panel with maximum 240 points, which can work together with all FW 3 series field devices.

Note: COM port needs grounding

1、(Monitoring Start Output)HJ: Active NO terminal to Fire alarm routing device (use jumper to switch

between passive and active), which will close to connect +24V output after started (each points with a

max output current of 100mA)

2、(Monitoring Start Output)SG: Active NO terminal to Sounder Strobe (Both active and passive modes,

use jumper to switch between passive and active), which will close to connect +24V output after

started (with max output current of 100mA for each direct-start point)

3、BUS: Non-polarity two-wire bus terminal

4、Linkage power supply output: 24VDC(Max output current 1A)

5、Main board power supply input: 220VAC

6、Grounding Terminal: Grounding

2.4 Technical Specifications

2.4.1 Power Supply:

AC power: Nominal operation voltage 220VAC (187VAC ~ 242VAC)

Standby Battery: 2 x 12V/12AH

2.4.2 Operating Environment:

Temperature: 0℃~+40℃

Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non-condensing

2.4.3 Capacity: One loop with maximum 240 devices

2.4.4 Display: LCD 128×64 lattice graphic

2.4.5 Dimension: (Length ×Width ×Height):330.0mm×130.0mm×400.0mm

2.4.6 Wiring requirement

1、Recommend to use RVS2×1.0㎜2 or RVS2×1.5㎜ twisted wire for CAN communication wire and bus

wire, while use RVSP2×1.0㎜2 at the high interference environment.

2、Not allowed to lay CAN communication wire and telephone line together with bus wire inside the same

multi-core cable.

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