Addressable fire smoke detector with addressable fire alarm control system

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Instruction manaul of S-6001addressable smoke detector

1.Automatic compensation function. It can be automatically compensated to improve the reliability of the smoke detector, such as external environment (temperature, humidity, dust, static, etc.) factors caused by changes in performance drift.

2.Built-in product ID code

3.Intelligent judgment, cleaning forecast function

4.Two bus, linkage, nonpolarity

5.Advanced electronic coding technology, improving coding flexibility

6.Two response modes (commonly referred to as algorithms)

Mode 1: Fast response mode. In this mode, the detector will alarm when the smoke concentration exceeds the alarm threshold more than 3 times consecutively. This mode applies to the system debugging installation phase or test phase.

Mode 2: Intelligent response mode. It is conducive to accurately determine the fire alarm signal, reduce false alarm (factory default).

1.Working voltage:15-28V Impulse voltage

2.Working current:

1)Standby current:≤0.5mA

2)Alarm current:≤2.8mA

3.Type:Addressable, 2 wire(nonpolarity)

4.Encoding: Electronic code

5.Work indication:

1)Normal monitoring status :LED light will blink periodically

2)Fire status: Remain lit

3)Failure status: LED light remain off or blink irregularly

6.Operating environment: Temperature-10℃~50℃, Relative humidity≤95%RH No condensation

7.Color: white


9. Executive standard:GB 4715-2005/

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