Contactless/Contact IC offset or silk printing combination cards

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What is combi cards (also called combination card)?

One card is with two or more technologies. It is designed for multi-application.

Typical application

lOne card solution

lAsset management

Typical combination:

125KHz +13.56MHz (like EM4100 &Mifare 1k,T5567&mifare 1k etc)

13.56MHz+13.56Mhz (like Mifare 1k&legic MIM256 etc)

13.56MHz+915MHz (like Mifare 1k+UCode,Mifare 1k&Ucode EPC G2,etc)

Contactless IC + Contact IC (like EM4100&SLE5542, Mifare 1k & SLE5528 etc)

We can provide following combi cards

1.PVC blank thin cards

Material:PVC or PET&PVC composite

Size:85.6X54 mm

Working temp.:-15 Celsius to +55 Celsius (PET:up to 80 Celsius)

Storage temp.:-25 Celsius to +55 Celsius (PET:up to 80 Celsius)

2.Magnetic blank thin cards


Size:85.6X54 mm

Optional magnetic stripes:



Working temp.:-15 Celsius to +55 Celsius

Storage temp.:-25 Celsius to +55 Celsius

Available crafts:
a.offset or silk printing
b.Magnetic stripe
c.barcode (code 39,PDF417 etc)
e.number printing (ink jet printing,laser engraving printing,thermal transfer printing etc)

Notice: we have combi key fobs. Please contact us for exact details.

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