Mixing Tank heads-A572Gr50 ASME

  • Place of Origin:China Dalian
  • Minimum order:10
Mixing Tank heads-A572Gr50 ASME-Dingjin also fabricates offshore oil platform, separator internal parts in oil or gas or water service, conical body for beer project, offshore oil skid base.

We Possessed 3 sets of spinning units made in Germany, self-made DF10050,DF 2220 and MD21/5030. It can form different shapes and specifications of dish heads with integral technology ranging fromΦ325*Thk 8 toΦ10000*Thk50. Dingjin possesses 7 sets of hydraulic presses, 2 sets are of 1000 tonnage, 1 set is of 2000 tonnage, 1 set is of 8000 tonnage, 1 set is of 16000 tonnage which are dual action made by us. The rest 2000 tonnage and 630 tonnage dual action hydraulic presses were purchased in China. We possesses complete matching equipment, involving 7 sets of heat furnace, 28 sets of crane (The maximum lifting capacity is 100 tons). Processing size of Dish head(end): the max size with integral spinning technology isΦ10000*50mm; the max size with integral stamping technology isΦ6000*400mm; There is no limitation for diameter when made the dish head (end)with many petals, the maximum thickness could be up to 300mm.

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