black color pan head self tapping screw with collar

  • Price2.5:1000
  • Minimum order:1000
  • Place of Origin:China

Phillips pan head tapping screw with collar

Pan head tapping screw with collar design provides extra large bearing surface compared to pan head to protect the material from damage during assembly and create stronger connecting overall.S-metal manufactures pan head tapping screw

*Carbon steel C1018-1022, alloy steel,harden.
*Stainless steel SUS201 SUS304(18-8),SUS316 and SUS410 etc .
Surface treatment:
*Zinc Galvanized/H.D.G/Decromet etc.
* Plain with passivation.
Surface hardness:
The minimum surface hardness after heat treatment shall be 500HV.
Core hardness:
The core hardness shall be 270HV-370HV.
Apply to 0.015″ to 0.05″ thickness sheet metal fastening to metal,wood, plastic,fiberglass etc.

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