Heat shrinkable tube wind gun with adjustable temperature

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HWIR450F-25 table type heat shrinkable tube heating machine is suitable for heat shrinkable tubes to be heated and contracted, and can be installed on the assembly line.The temperature can be adjusted according to the requirements of the production process, and the blowing time is short. It is suitable for any length of heat shrinkable tube. It can operate continuously for 24 hours and the power can be adjusted.

1. Connection and contraction of PE heat shrinkable tube, PVC heat shrinkable tube and double wall heat shrinkable tube with glue.

2, heat shrinkable of PVC pipe, heat shrinkage of rubber cap.

3, heat shrinkage of capacitors, batteries, terminal wires, heat shrinkable sleeves / membranes.


Power regulation

The intelligent digital adjusts the temperature and adjusts the power.


Double insulation, strong machine shell makes the machine safe and reliable when used, and can work at high temperature for a long time.

Digital display temperature regulation

The outlet is equipped with a temperature sensor which can adjust the temperature according to requirements. The maximum use temperature is 395 degrees centigrade.

Temperature control system

High heat exchange efficiency

Ingenious wind tunnel design, the air passes evenly through the spiral heating wire inside / outside, the heat exchange is nearly 100%, and the wind pressure loss is less.


Equipped with over heat overload protection and power off protection device, it fully ensures the safety of the equipment, does not produce exhaust gas, is environmentally friendly, and can operate continuously for 24 hours throughout the year.

Classification Item Parameter
Size Overall machine size See picture
Air outlet Diameter 50mm 25mm(Selection)
Insulation layer Texture of material Double layer heat preservation
Heater Name Electric hot wire
Heater power 4.5KW (Power adjustable)
Power regulation Adjust the voltage through a potentiometer
Heating wire life 100000h
Blower Blower 200W
Maximum wind volume 450M3/H,the actual air volume is about380M3/H
Air volume regulation Manual wind valve
Static pressure 445pa
Temperature Maximum use temperature >380℃
Power demand <430℃
Power Supply Power 220V
Weight 4700W
Weight Overall machine size 15KG

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