Tire wheel lock

  • FOB Price : USD $20.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China

This product is a topical vehicle locks. General lock wheel lock on the front wheel side of the driver\'s seat, locked the car has a more than obvious deterrent. Can be securely locked car tires, while user-friendly design will not damage the locked vehicle tires, for law enforcement departments illegal, unlawful vehicle provides a great convenience.

Prevents owners escape illegal punishment! Demonstrated by law enforcement agencies for illegal vehicles polite and effective control method, which reflects the principle of \"civilized law enforcement, and efficient management\", but also to reduce the human and material resources of law enforcement agencies. Are popular and recognized.

Dedicated wheel lock can lock a variety of vehicles and a variety of automobile tires, with a special key to lock or release the wheel, and may need to adjust the different thickness of the wheel opening and closing of the size, shape and lightweight, easy to operate, easy to carry and management.

Main Parameter


2,weight: 7.5KG

3,accessories: 2 key,1 nut,1 sucker,2 rocking handle

4,apply for:wheel diameter 780mm,wheel width 280mm, all types of cars ,like:Off-road vehicle, SUV, commercial vehicles, private cars, pickup trucks and vans

max size to lock: 290mm

min size to lock: 180mm

5,lock&unlock time:10-15s

6.material:High quality gadolinium steel

7,surface:rubber coating &spray paint.

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