Portable Mini Refrigerator for Car

  • FOB Price : USD $60.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China


PU heat preservation, more low carbon environmental protection, heat preservation time is longer

Seperate cold 0~+10℃& freeze0~-18℃ in to two room,Refrigeration effect, faster, less energy consumption

Digital display accurate temperature control

A certain car battery protection design, stop working when the vehicle battery voltage low

In strong turbulence, such as super Angle under the bad environment can self protection function, start the downtime

Environmental protection material, the European Union ROHS/Intertek /CE certificate

12/24 v dc voltage/ with configuration power adapter, 100-240 v voltage power supply available

Imported from Spain high efficiency compressor, professional automotive design, the seismic capability is strong, working slope at 35 ℃, the noise is less than 30 decibels

Product quality assurance for a year, compressor warranty for 3 years, if the compressor damage within 1 year, we will replace the compressor, the new change of the compressor warranty for three years;

Item No. YT-B-35P YT-B-40P YT-B-50P
Effective Volume 33L(Cold 5L/Freeze 28L) 40L(Cold 7L/Freeze 33L) 49L(Cold 10L/Freeze 39L)
Applicable ambient 10-43℃(SN/N/ST/T) 10-43℃(SN/N/ST/T) 10-43℃(SN/N/ST/T)
Cryogenic temperature 10~-18℃ 10~-18℃ 10~-18℃
Heat insulating material PU PU PU
Outer Material PP+PE PP+PE PP+PE
Size 72.3*37.5*39.2CM 72.3*37.5*44.2CM 72.3*37.5*51.2CM
Package size 64.0*41.5*43.5CM 64.0*41.5*48.5CM 64.0*41.5*55.5CM
Net Weight 14.5KGS 15KGS 16.5KGS
Gross Weight 15.5KGS 16KGS 17.5KGS
Power: 52W 52W 52W

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