D1 Porosity Holiday detector

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D1 Porosity Holiday detector is a special testing equipment used to detect oil and gas pipelines, cables, enamel, metal tank, hull and other protective coatings flaws. It is a simple and practical equipment.

1.Low power consumption, small size, light weight;
2.Simple operation;
Main technical index
1.Measuring range:A:0.03-3.5mm(Epoxy coal tar pitch medium)
B:3.5-10.mm(Petroleum asphalt medium)
C:0.03-10.mm(Epoxy coal tar pitch、Petroleum asphalt medium)

3.Output high voltage:A:0.5-15KV


5.High voltage control system:Ordinary potentiometer adjustment

6.DC supply:12v


8.Alarm delay:1-2s

9.High voltage probe:Electronic high voltage generator

10.Packing:metal chest

11.Main dimension: 165mm×155mm×68mm

12.Weight:1.5kg(Including battery)


Charger, high pressure gloves, long cable, short connecting line, Connecting magnet, earth rod, The brush plate, Manual
The detector generates a high DC voltage that is applied to the coating surface through a probe. The detector is connected to the substrate via the high voltage returned. When the probe is passed over a coating flaw, then the electrical circuit is completed and current flows from the probe to the substrate. As a result, audible and visual alarms are activated in the detector and a spark may be produced at the fl

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