environmental protection strong fireproof and anticorrosion and wearproof flooring paint High Penetrating Modified Fluorosilicone polyester industrial anticorrosive paint Polyurethane Paint

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industrial permanent heavy duty anticorrosion,High adhesion strength,Long-term high wear-resistance,water proof & antiosmosis,flame retardant, good insulation,simple rust removal process,construct even under -25℃(below zero),a.Adopting the strong permeability anticorrosion paint which we researched and developed,its strong permeability of coating makes paint permeate into cement matrix, as a result
a1.can completely close moisture Exhalation of cement base or concrete base;
a2.layer peeling off phenomenon ,like epoxy material,can\'t happen.
b.we can add other organic wear-resisting material, prevening other corrosive substances from concrete or cement. environmental protection, strong fireproof,anticorrosion, wearproof, flooring paint

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