Good Quality high rigidity Precision CNC gantry milling machine manufacturer

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  • Place of Origin:China
The machine is fixed with a fixed beam gantry structure, the bed is fixed, the lower end of the two columns is fastened to the bed, and the upper end is connected with the beam to form a high rigidity closed gantry frame. To move, slide on the beam for Y to move, servo spindle and ram on the slide for Z to move, lifting parts were used double cylinder hydraulic automatic balance, to ensure the reliability of lifting parts movement.
The machine tool is mainly composed of the base table part, the column beam part, the ram and the servo spindle part, the system part hydraulic part, the lubrication part, the cooling part, the chip part and the protective part. Bed, table, pillars, beams are more than HT300 resin sand casting sand, the natural aging or vibration treatment, with high rigidity, lasting stability.


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